#38 Portrait of Love

I feel like Stefon from SNL - this movie has everything: small towns, broken hearts, the little girl who is just little enough to not mind her dad kissing someone else, the Sassy Friend, the great hair, the arbitrary decision that the heroine has to make by the end of the movie, and TONS of … Continue reading #38 Portrait of Love


#37 Anything for Love

The perils of online dating are the subject of today's installment, Anything for Love, starring a post-Traffic and Parenthood Erika Christensen, and some guy. She's a high-powered CEO Catherine Benson, with no time for love, and a odd relationship with her assistant who was the lead in Cooking for Love, I think. The guy is Jack, a registered nurse … Continue reading #37 Anything for Love

#34 Scents and Sensibility

In my quest to view all things Austen, we have this particularly perfumery version of one of my favorites.  Scents and Sensibility transposes Sense and Sensibility from Devonshire and London to what I think is Colorado...it's never very clear. But the rest of the bones of the story are there, (sort of) so let's dive in, and … Continue reading #34 Scents and Sensibility

#33 Cooking with Love

Not to be confused with A Recipe for Love, A Dash of Love, and a whole plethora of cooking-related love stories, this is Cooking with Love. Which apparently everyone does, right? That's what I do when I'm making burgers and fries for dinner. It's with love. This particular morsel of Hallmark-i-ness centers around a TV show called The Little Gourmet … Continue reading #33 Cooking with Love

#32 Very, Very, Valentine

I'm watching this one with my son who has already declared that this can't be good. So, here's hoping he's wrong! Very, Very, Valentine is the movie du jour. Perennial Hallmark movie favorite Danica McKellar (See Crown for Christmas) is Helen, a florist in NYC, who works with her Aunt Carol in just the cutest floral shop in … Continue reading #32 Very, Very, Valentine