March Bracket of Christmas Movies

a crown for christmasOf COURSE Hallmark would breakdown all the Christmas movies into a “March Madness” Bracket.

And OF COURSE I would have to see what it was all about.

And OF COURSE, A Crown For Christmas rises victoriously on my spreadsheet. Check it out here: Countdown to Christmas – Merry Madness Christmas Bracket _ Hallmark Channel (sorry, it’s a PDF).

To set up your own bracket, go here!


How does your bracket stack up against mine? I will admit not seeing a few of them, and when in doubt, I always will vote for Gary Sinise, unless it was against the actor I’m not allowed to call handsome and his trilogy of “Father Christmas” movies, where there was a very annoying Christmas Carol theme running through the whole thing that ended up being the punchline to a joke that my son told in the car one day.

Guess you had to be there.

Happy March Madness!


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