#117 – Xanadu

My husband is not happy that I'll be, in his words, 'tearing this movie apart.' He wanted me to tell you that up front. We watched this several years ago, and I was amazed at the sheer 80s-ness of it, and now, I'm going to share it with you. Buckle up, it's Xanadu! The opening … Continue reading #117 – Xanadu

#114 – Christmas at Castle Hart

Hello Everyone! It's been a full year but we're back recapping your favorite Holiday movies again. This year, obviously, has been a tough one. There were several times where I would DVR some movie that looked promising, and one that I thought I'd really enjoy recapping, but then, I just didn't do it. Life sometimes … Continue reading #114 – Christmas at Castle Hart

#113 – A Christmas Carousel

So, I have a thing about Carousels. I love them. I love them in Mary Poppins, I love them at Six Flags, I love them everywhere, even in Disney World where they are misspelled (look it up). So what could go wrong with movies that combine Carousels and Christmas...and, dare I say it, vague European … Continue reading #113 – A Christmas Carousel

#112 – The Princess Switch – Switched Again

There are Three of Them! It's a day for sequels. I watched both Avengers Infinity War and Endgame, and now we're back to this world of bakeries, Belgravia, the Duchess of Montenaro, and implausible lookalikes. I do admire Vanessa Hudgens, she does have talent, and has risen above her High School Musical roots very nicely. … Continue reading #112 – The Princess Switch – Switched Again

#110 – A Christmas Kiss

I'm amazed, astounded, and, quite frankly, flabbergasted, that I haven't done this one yet. It's a classic, and yet, I did a quick search and nope, not on the list. Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, I give you A Christmas Kiss! Starring the guy who played Michael in the OG Roswell, some girl with … Continue reading #110 – A Christmas Kiss

#109 – Christmas She Wrote

There are many reasons to pick this one, not the least of which is that this was written by Dateline correspondent Andrea Canning. As I just talked myself out of buying a Keith Morrison Christmas ornament, I felt it was fitting to pick this one for tonight. The title of this also hearkens back to … Continue reading #109 – Christmas She Wrote