#60 – Love at First Dance

It's Christmas in July on Hallmark Channel, but I still have to get through the June Wedding. This gem seems to be a Hallmark version of the JLO movie The Wedding Planner, although this one stars a blonde girl named Hope who is a dance teacher, specializing in wedding dances. I blame Dancing with the Stars for … Continue reading #60 – Love at First Dance


#58 – The Prince and Me 4 – The Elephant Adventure

I couldn't bring this movie up without watching it. (See here.) I haven't seen The Prince and Me 2 or 3, but I'm assuming I can figure this one out. I did watch the original one with Julia Stiles and her very severe haircut. I wasn't a huge fan of it. But 4th sequels are always better, right? … Continue reading #58 – The Prince and Me 4 – The Elephant Adventure