#90 – A Winter Princess

So, it's been a few weeks, and we're out of the Christmas season. But we're not out of winter, and I've got a bunch saved just in time for a Sunday when my son is sick and napping on the couch. Hang on tight, it's time for A Winter Princess. A mountain ski resort in … Continue reading #90 – A Winter Princess


#15 A Princess For Christmas

So today, I'm indulging in another favorite...are we sensing a theme here? A Princess for Christmas follows all the fabulous tropes of our other royal installments - girl who doesn't understand the way royals work, big castle, a ball with a moment where she stops traffic (although in this one, I don't think it's because she … Continue reading #15 A Princess For Christmas

#14 A Royal Christmas

Today's installment is a variation on the undercover royal/Christmas bride theme that we experienced during My Christmas Prince. But since this one premiered last year, we'll give the edge to the one with an actual star in it - ta da! Jane Seymour appears as the snobby queen, dueling wits with Lacey Chabert over Prince Leo, played … Continue reading #14 A Royal Christmas