#23 Frozen in Love

Note to self - Do not google "Frozen in Love" images and not expect to see some very disturbing fan art re Anna and Elsa from Disney's Frozen. Gonna have to scrub my brain to get rid of some of what I saw! Anyway, today we're going to dive into Frozen in Love, starring the girl from She's … Continue reading #23 Frozen in Love


#14 A Royal Christmas

Today's installment is a variation on the undercover royal/Christmas bride theme that we experienced during My Christmas Prince. But since this one premiered last year, we'll give the edge to the one with an actual star in it - ta da! Jane Seymour appears as the snobby queen, dueling wits with Lacey Chabert over Prince Leo, played … Continue reading #14 A Royal Christmas

#11 Christmas Inheritance

Netflix is stepping up their game this year! Not only did we have A Christmas Prince, but now we have today's installment, Christmas Inheritance, which I swear, just by reading the little blurb before you hit "play," I've seen before...several times, on my favorite channel in the past few years. But we'll see, won't we? Christmas Inheritance stars Eliza … Continue reading #11 Christmas Inheritance

#7 Merry Kissmas

Did you know that elevators are a hotbed of Attraction and True Love, at least at Christmas time? No wonder Aerosmith wrote that song. Not only is there The Christmas Kiss and (my favorite) Another Christmas Kiss (sometimes known as The Christmas Kiss 2) there's also Merry Kissmas, an entry into the Christmas movie genre from … Continue reading #7 Merry Kissmas