#110 – A Christmas Kiss

I'm amazed, astounded, and, quite frankly, flabbergasted, that I haven't done this one yet. It's a classic, and yet, I did a quick search and nope, not on the list. Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, I give you A Christmas Kiss! Starring the guy who played Michael in the OG Roswell, some girl with … Continue reading #110 – A Christmas Kiss


#7 Merry Kissmas

Did you know that elevators are a hotbed of Attraction and True Love, at least at Christmas time? No wonder Aerosmith wrote that song. Not only is there The Christmas Kiss and (my favorite) Another Christmas Kiss (sometimes known as The Christmas Kiss 2)┬áthere's also Merry Kissmas, an entry into the Christmas movie genre from … Continue reading #7 Merry Kissmas