#5 The Rancher’s Cinderella Bride -taking a brief break from Christmas stories

the rancher's cinderella brideIt’s already been established that I love Cinderella. So the title of this Harlequin Desire publication jumped out at me and I had to read it. And it did not live up. They lied.  It took advantage of someone’s deep-seeded love of Cinderella but told a story that had no Cinderella elements, just a lot of back-and-forth wishy-washy discussions that were seriously boring, plus everyone wore boots.

Back of the book says:

Meg Aldridge needs a fiancé. Her family demands that she marry have become unbearable. But a monthlong pretend engagement to her best friend, Gabe Callahan, should shut them right up. After all, they’ve been feuding with the Callahans for years.

Gabe’s willing to give up the ladies temporarily, and focus his attentions on Meg. She’s his best friend; there’s no danger of complications. But a made-over Meg is wearing sexy clothes and make-up…and stirring up new feelings.  Will a month of being lovers for appearance’s sake become a lifetime of the real thing?

Well, duh, because of the type of book it is.  However:

“Best Friends” but they’ve barely seen each other / talked to each other in years.

She thinks he has a high-risk lifestyle because he drives fast and has a plane, and her brother died in a plane crash. He thinks she wants a commitment, because ‘that’s the kind of girl she is’ and he doesn’t think he’s ready for that. She doesn’t want to marry the douchebag that her parents picked out for her, and apparently her family doesn’t listen to their smart, successful daughter who has put her foot down, ergo, fiancé subterfuge.

There are some extra-size events that they go to, because everything is bigger in Texas – they go line dancing, she wears a hat and skinny jeans,  they go to some kind of fund-raiser – he wears a tux and a hat, honestly it all blurs together. She gets highlights and takes a trip to Sephora, and suddenly, she’s Miss America.  Apparently he has a lot of money, because he buys her the biggest ring in Texas by the end of the book. I’ve seen the engagement rings in Texas. I’m imagining she has some kind of boulder on her hand.

He calls her “Darlin'” a lot, and tells her she’s beautiful. Which he never did before the highlights. So.many.issues.with.this.

Anyway – they get married. The End.

Aren’t you glad I read it, just so you don’t have to?


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