#71 – All of My Heart – Inn Love

all_1So this movie is the second in a trilogy. We all know, that if it’s a good trilogy, that the middle one will have a lot more angst, and might end on a downer. Wait, what am I saying? This is a Hallmark movie – the angst will clear up before we hit minute 115. Anyway, I just had to re-read the recap of All of My Heart (see here) to get back in the groove of Jenny and Brian, and now I’m super set for All of My Heart – Inn Love. While I did all this, it’s super quiet in my house, and my TV has been showing a Shark vacuum infomercial, and I have to say, I really, really, really want that vacuum. But whatever. Back to Bucks County PA we go!

The Bucks County setting is Canada. Why I am surprised at this, I don’t know. It’s also NOT the same house as in the first movie. AT ALL.

Original movie
2nd movie

Jenny and Brian are in love (get it!) and getting ready to open their Bed and Breakfast. It’s 6 months later, it’s fall, and it totally looks like a different small town. They are shopping for furniture for their Inn, and in the antique store they find a dresser, and the very nice proprietor says “free lamp with every dresser!” What are the odds?

BTW, Younger Son has just woken up and is now sitting down next to me. Will he be quiet? We will see. He was just telling me how to fix a spelling mistake, so … yeah.

all_3There are some scenes with the goats, but we don’t have a ton of plot around them, so yay.  Jenny is still baking, she’s got a new kitchen, and a non-rotary phone! She just took a reservation for the B&B without getting a credit card or a phone number or anything.  The house still needs a lot of work, though, and there’s not a lot of money to fix it. Jenny is still in a shopping spree about everything (towels! tablecloths! better WiFi!) and Brian is like, where’s the money, Jenny?

Back at the coffee shop (where she sells her baked goods) the tall blonde girl is still there, and fingers crossed she’ll be able to buy the place when her boss retires. Ed Asner is still in this, too, and he’s sitting in front of a different store. Brian is still experiencing some home sickness for Wall Street. Brian then heads back to the hardware shop – his bromance with the tall guy in the shop, and the car repair guy who’s kind of dumb. These three are cute.

Jenny is too busy to plan a wedding, but she also (finally) acknowledges that she sees Brian’s money worries.

They are at some kind of music festival – car repair guy has a band called Rusty and the Brakes. It’s in a very clean barn with a lot of hay bales. Jenny and Brian also acknowledge that their life has gone very quickly, and they didn’t really do a lot of the normal “dating” things – they went from strangers to engaged in a very short time. But they love each other so much.

Required Ed Asner picture. He’s in ONE SCENE.

Ed Asner predicted it was going to rain, and all the electricity has gone out in the barn, but they’re so in love they don’t notice that everyone has had to run for it. And of course, their roof is leaking, and it’s a mess, and oh, goodness, what are they going to do, they have no more money.  You know, I would feel bad for them if they weren’t in a Hallmark movie where NO ONE has major money worries for long.

Brian bunks down with tall Hardware guy, (his name is Tony) and Jenny has to go live with the tall girl from the coffee shop. But next day, when we realize how bad the roof leaks are, we realize that he’s been staying in his own room for all this time that they’ve been engaged. Seriously, Hallmark? I do not believe this stupid plot point at all. Why even throw that in? Anyway, all the rooms have leaks.

Jenny is cooking in the much nicer kitchen than it should be at the coffee shop.

This Inn is a mess, but they have guests coming, and they need to get things together. Brian has miraculously gotten rid of his blackberry for in iPhone, and he’s still upset about a) he’s got no money b) everything he ever worked for in his life he gave up 6 months ago and c) his identity is in question, plus he sucks at home improvement. All the angst, people. However, this actor is actually quite charming, and I would like to think that a lot of his asides and bon mots are ad libs, and not in the script. As an sometime actor, I would like to think he gets to show some creativity. Because goodness knows, there’s not a lot of creativity in the script itself.

How is Brian not 275 pounds when he eats all her pastries?  Oh, he still runs. Sans Fanny Pack this time.

Jenny and her Smoky Eye and her BFF Alice decide that they should go to the county fair and sell pies and stuff. And whilst there, in a very picturesque open air barn, Brian runs into Roger, someone he knows from his former life, and it gives him more of the feels about his wheeling and dealing Wall street life.

Younger Son is pretending to be a dog.

Roger has contacted Brian’s friend Harry from the city, and wants Brian to help close a deal, and so he’s back in a suit to head to NYC.

First guests arrive at the Inn, and they are way over-packed for a weekend. She makes them red velvet pancakes, we get another recap about how Jenny and Brian got to Pennsylvania. We get it already. Cut to NYC – Brian is killing it in Wall Street. They want him to do more stuff. When he gets home to tell Jenny, she’s distant, and Brian is puzzled. Look, Jenny, you do what you need to do to get money, especially when you just had to replace your roof.

all_4Jenny is super upset that Brian has to go back to NYC but she’s doing the girl thing where everything is “Fine.” She’s also matchmaking with her BFF Alice and the older guy who is also staying there. Cut to coffee shop, where the blogger that Jenny is following about B&Bs is not impressed with what she’s found so far, and is in search of a new experience. Jenny and Brian miss each other, but won’t talk about it, and now, the Inn has blown a fuse in the morning, and they are outside in the dark by the evening. Seriously, that shouldn’t be a thing. ALSO what shouldn’t be a thing? The married couple’s bedroom is off the main living room on the first floor, and wife is in a robe pretending to blow dry her already dry hair and the door to the bedroom is open to the living room. Respect the other people at the Inn, antiquing couple, and keep your life behind a door! No one needs to see that.

But the guests are loving the fact that they are out by a fire, with gourmet s’mores. They also have way too many candles lit.

Blogger calls to book a room under a fake name and is SO SNOBBY about how Jenny answers the phone and everything that we automatically hate her a ton. You know, Blogger, you don’t HAVE to blog about B&Bs. You could do something that you actually like to do, like sit next to your Younger Son, who likes to push buttons, and watch Hallmark movies. Anyway, Jenny is worried about money, and how far apart she and Brian are, especially since the commute from Bucks County is murdering him, and he wants to stay in the city during the week. And she still says she’s “fine.”

Younger Son doesn’t understand Brian’s angst about wanting to work in Wall Street and NOT wanting to work in Wall Street. I feel you, Younger Son. But he’s doing amazingly in Wall Street!!! But Jenny’s not doing well. Her food distributor just got bought out, and the new company wants to expand, but use cheaper ingredients and take her away from her roots, and the lady behind the desk doesn’t seem to get that Jenny’s Home Baked is not.that. So now Jenny doesn’t have a food distributor.

Wall Street doesn’t have that many trees in it. I see you, Canada!

This is Hardware Guy

Blogger is super snobby about everything BUT ONLY until Mountain Man Hardware Guy Tony shows up and she’s super in love. So there’s that. Jenny and her coffee shop blonde friend brainstorm about getting more food distribution throughout Bucks County, and blonde girl says to talk to Brian, but of course, Jenny won’t do that.

Younger Son wants to know if there are any Sassy Friends. There are NO Sassy Friends in this one. “Oh come on!” says Younger Son. I know, right?

Brian is at his friend Harry’s apartment, and I don’t know, but that is like no NYC apartment I’ve ever seen, even for someone who has a lot of money. Do guys really clink beer bottles with each other when they have heart-to-hearts? Brian is very conflicted about who he is, and Harry isn’t helping by saying that Jenny might also have doubts.

Brian has scored an invite to a fancy money party, and Roger’s wife likes Jenny’s baked goods, so Jenny gets invited too. But she’s not that enthralled about going to NYC. Bitchy Blogger wants more outlets in her room, and she wants the Mountain Man to install them, and is his name Tony or Tommy? I can’t tell. BFF Alice and Mitchell are having a wonderful time together, fishing every day. That is a nightmare to me. Alice also tells Jenny to go to the party, to understand that part of him, and she’ll look after the Inn. Bitchy Blogger is starting to get her bitch on, but Tony/Tommy shows up and she’s fine with everything.

There was the Ray Liotta Chantix commercial. Ray Liotta has not.aged.well. Good thing he found Chantix.

At this party, Jenny feels more alone than ever – THE SAD TIMES HAVE BEGUN – She just leaves Brian at the party because she’s not woman enough to talk about her feelings. Uh, Jenny, you are so annoying. But she’s off to make her own deal with a new chain of cappuccino stores, and she’s got the deal! But she’s also giving Brian some kind of vague ultimatum about where his heart is, and where his life should be, and that sends Brian into the Sad Times, and onto a train back to Bucks County.

They have a conversation, where it’s basically, Brian, get your crap together, Jenny’s not going to wait around forever. I feel like Jenny is not doing any compromising at all. He likes being actually good at something (because as we know, he sucks as a handyman) and no one should feel bad about liking to be good at something.

Brian can’t even fix stairs!

Bitchy Blogger is so in love with Hardware guy. Bromance at the Hardware store is quoting country songs. And all the guests are just not in love with Brian and his working in the city. Plus, they are having a major fight in front of all the guests and that is SO not professional, and Jenny, get your crap together, because you are Super Annoying right now. Youngewr Son says SAD TIMES.

Jenny is very dramatic right now and gives her engagement ring back to Brian. Brian takes it and doesn’t say anything because we have 14 minutes left. But he’s got the devastated face going really well. Still, he heads back to NYC and his friend’s glam apartment. The music tells us that he still needs to think.

Jenny is still upset, but Smoky Eye ON POINT!  All of Jenny’s guests are happy and reunited in love, and Jenny is grateful to them. Meanwhile, in Fake NYC, Brian is telling all the money guys that the deal is done, they don’t need him anymore, he needs to go home, and Roger is ok with it and I just realized that Harry the friend is a SASSY FRIEND because he just told Brian to go get the girl. WAHOOOO SASSY FRIENDS!

Brian makes his way back to the Inn. He’s never been more sure that that’s what he wants. He does that head holding thing again that he loves to do. They’re reunited and it feels so good.

Bitchy Blogger has just borrowed something from Jenny’s closet for her date with Tony/Tommy. She is almost a foot taller than Jenny, but magically, she finally wears a color that doesn’t clash with her reddish hair and she gets her staircase moment and Tony/Tommy is dumbstruck, and they kiss, and everyone is happy and out of the Sad Times for good, I tells ya!

all_2Party at the Inn for the opening, and Bitchy Blogger reveals herself and writes a 5-star review! All the guests are in love, and reconnected with everyone, and that’s the magic of the Inn. And Brian re-proposes to Jenny in front of a bunch of more people, just like the previous movie. There’s a lot of fake fall leave garland all over the place.

Blonde girl gets her flirt on with Brian’s Sassy Friend while eating blueberries. It’s just the start of things and we’re done.

So I was mildly annoyed at this one, but I appreciated the 2nd part of the trilogy-ness of the movie, and am actually excited to watch Part 3 (which is in my DVR, waiting for me.) There were less scenes with the goats, which was good, and there were enough scenes of scones that now I want one. If you’d like to see a fake Inn in fake Bucks County, check this out – but don’t worry, I already did it, just so you don’t have to.



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