#63 – Hello, It’s Me

Even though it's hot, and the thought of something cool is alluring, I just can't watch a "Christmas in July" movie quite yet. I will save that for a day when Satan's butt has just sat down on earth and it's over 95 degrees. That being said, today's installment is like the movie¬†Ghost, but not … Continue reading #63 – Hello, It’s Me

#40 – Smooch

Oh my goodness, how did I not know about this movie? Like the last one, this movie has EVERYTHING. Princes. Nannies. Precocious Annoying Children. Single Moms with Grit. Kellie Martin. Fabulousness starts now. We're talking about¬†Smooch, which I always want to spell with a "t" in the middle, but apparently, that's not right. Daughter Zoe … Continue reading #40 – Smooch