#84 – A Shoe Addict’s Christmas

This one was talked about at a get-together I attended today, and it's been sitting in the queue, so here we go. Starring Candace Cameron Bure and the guy who's been in a few other movies, Luke McFarland, it's A Shoe Addict's Christmas! Full disclosure, I used to be a shoe person, and now, because … Continue reading #84 – A Shoe Addict’s Christmas

#81 – Coming Home For Christmas

Today's installment comes to you from DVR, recorded back in July, and finally being viewed. Today is also a family affair, as my husband has graciously agreed to play the Hallmark Drinking Game during this movie. I'm going to go by the below, but I'm also adding my own. This is what he's starting with … Continue reading #81 – Coming Home For Christmas

#80 – Christmas Land

Full disclosure, I think I've watched this one before. I just saw a note from Facebook's TimeHop today, where I was annoyed at the main character, so I'm not making any promises. Christmas Land it is! Opening scene is Maureen McCormick, playing a grandma. Marcia Brady is a grandma? She's supervising her granddaughter, Jules, in … Continue reading #80 – Christmas Land