#89 – Christmas in Grand Valley

I have to confess that I am really, really, really, just a smidge, maybe, over the Christmas movies on Hallmark. So much so that I have deleted a few off my DVR, with the idea that maybe I'll get that Hallmark app on Prime and be able to watch a Christmas movie in May or … Continue reading #89 – Christmas in Grand Valley

#85 – Entertaining Christmas

It's Boxing Day, Peoples! And I have a whole day of pajamas and DVR movies, when not commandeered by both boys. I've already had an aborted start with the UP Channel's royal entry, Christmas with a Prince but I stopped watching it because the main guy in it had Peter Gallagher eyebrows, and I just can't … Continue reading #85 – Entertaining Christmas

#83 – Christmas in Evergreen: Letters to Santa

Recommended by 18 Cinema Lane to watch next, I'm taking this Friday evening while I wait for my gingerbread dough to chill to watch Christmas in Evergreen: Letters to Santa - a sequel to a previously discussed movie, the aptly named Christmas in Evergreen. Here we go. Right at the bat, I am letting you know I … Continue reading #83 – Christmas in Evergreen: Letters to Santa