What Do You Call?

Have you ever wondered what to call that 10 minute period (with commercials) towards the end of our delightful Hallmark movies, where the Hero and Heroine have a misunderstanding? Or when one of them overhears the other one on the phone and makes gross assumptions based on a one-sided conversation? Or when one of them decides they have to be noble and breaks up with the other just because they feel they should?

You should all know it by now, but INTRODUCING…..

Husband’s most hated of times, because he can’t see the point of people getting their butts into The Sad Times, when a conversation would just get them out of it. While he’s not wrong, there would be no STORY if they did that, would there?

Coined by Older Son, The Sad Times covers it all, and then some. You’ll be seeing this face. A Lot.