#72 – All of My Heart – The Wedding

I’m sorry, but this is the worst picture ever. This guy isn’t amazingly handsome, but he’s not bad; however, in this picture he looks like he’s in training to become the Joker.

Third in the Trilogy! Are we ready? Will there be angst? Will there be some more misunderstandings and will Brian and Jenny ever learn to really communicate? Here’s hoping. Let’s dive into All of My Heart – The Wedding.

First things first, it’s the same house as the 2nd movie, and it starts with Jenny cooking pancakes on an electric frying pan, and the wedding is 2 months away, and she’s so excited to be a fall bride. We’ve gone backwards, though, because they are back to a rotary phone. The Inn is doing well because of Bitchy Blogger’s 5 star review, and prospective guests are all hoping to find love. Brian says that if the Inn gets too busy, they can rent out his room – so FYI, they are still not sharing a room. Really?

Brian decides to have the goats pick out their wedding invitations. Because that’s what you do. Brian also says that he’ll build her a gazebo for the wedding, but she is still remembering how badly he sucks at all things handyman, so you know Big Tommy/Tony will be there to help. Brian also gets a friend from Harry, who just bought a condo. That is important why? Brian is still feeling like his fancy Wharton education is being wasted running a B&B, so he’s going to build Jenny’s Home Baked up into a bigger company. Ok, sure.

Jenny’s wedding dress shopping. The wedding is 2 months away and she hasn’t picked a dress. Has she seen Say Yes to the Dress like Ever??? Wedding dresses cannot be bought for a 2 month in advance wedding unless you buy off the rack and have it drastically altered. Except for the fact that Lacey Chabert is as big as my thumb, so she’ll probably fit into everything. She’s shopping with the blonde girl from the cafe – and I’ve JUST found out her name is Casey. Jenny’s dress is a lace sleeveless with a sweetheart neckline and Casey just bought her the dress. I guess that cafe is doing really well. She’s the maid of honor, so maybe the dress is in lieu of a bachelorette party.

A woman named Meg in a pantsuit and a very tight bun comes by, wanting a room. She’s casing the joint, and is super nosy and you can tell she’s evil.

Back at the general store, Tommy/Tony is there and Brian wants him to be his best man. Awww. Where’s Rusty? And Tommy/Tony steps up and volunteers to help build the gazebo. Bitchy Blogger is now Super Happy and so is Tommy/Tony, so the lovespell that comes from the Inn is still in full force.

Jenny has some kind of intuition about Meg, she feels something is off with her. Good! Finally! But she cancels that out by telling Brian he needs to invite his father to the wedding. He hasn’t spoken to his dad in 2 years, and they didn’t have a good relationship, so here’s the angst.

Meg is SUPER sketchy and is taking pictures of the property, but she’s also running away from the goats, so I’m glad there are goats. And at minute 13:55 – we see Ed Asner! Jenny asks him to give her away at the wedding, because her family is gone. Ed Asner is really touched, and I’d like to ask how old is Ed Asner?

Brian calls his dad. His dad puts him on speaker. Dad is surprised that Brian left Wall Street, but the call goes well. Dad’s going to come to the wedding!

Brian’s face here is all like, WTF, Meg? (Although I don’t think Meg is in this scene. But the face is more important than continuity.)

Meg arrives in the kitchen – Meg is Jenny’s 2nd cousin, once removed, and she’s entitled to an equal portion of the estate. Really? Jenny is all about the fact that “we’re family” and Brian is all like “hey, don’t take part of this business / how the hell are you related to this whole convoluted plot?” Meg wants to be bought out of a third of the estate. I told you Meg sucks.

Jenny is freaking out, and now thinks they should move up the wedding date so that Meg can’t take the house. They’ve taken a 2nd mortgage on the house, and they can’t afford to buy her out, and what are they going to do????? Tommy/Tony looks pensive. Meg goes to the local realtor, who discloses that he’s friends with Brian and Jenny and Meg doesn’t give 2 craps about that, she wants to know how much that property is worth. Realtor guy, I know we just met, but please don’t give her what she wants. No one wants this girl with her tight up-do to be happy until that hair comes down.

We find out that Meg just broke up with a fiance, and her life was at sixes and sevens until she found out about the house. She also has some kind of overbearing boss named Madeline, and that’s all we care about with Meg right now.

Jenny and Brian head to a florist, and florist lady puts together “fall” colors – that are just basically pastels that scream “spring.” I don’t trust this florist whatsoever. Jenny apparently loves everything and everyone because she invites florist lady to the wedding. She’s also invited the mailman, because she didn’t want him to feel left out since he was delivering all the invitations.

Meg has to leave, but before she goes, she says her shares is worth more than $100,000. She also says that having a B&B in Bucks County is not a good financial risk, and basically poops on everything that Brian and Jenny have built except for Jenny’s cooking. Off Brian and Jenny go to the lawyer, reminiscing about movie 1, and the lawyer says that Meg is right, and they should pay her her $100K. Or sell it.

This is not from the movie, it’s from a promo they did for the Hallmark channel. Oh well.

What I don’t get is why doesn’t Brian have some kind of investments to fall back on? With all his Wheeling and Dealing back on Wall Street, you would think he’d have some kind of nest egg or something, right? Brian is also working really hard to get Jenny’s Home Baked off the ground with more distributors, but before they get ahead of themselves, they head off to a bakery for wedding cake testing. Jenny is Super Type-A about how she wants her cake, and Jenny invites the baker to the wedding. Jenny’s wedding cake sounds disgusting, but the baker is happy. And apparently the mailman is so happy as well, because his wife’s brother works for a food distributor that they want to land, so good for Jenny to be expansive with her invites – but unfortunately, their meeting with that mythical distributor gets cancelled because the Regional VP got stuck in Denver.

This is Bitchy Blogger sitting next to Jenny at her bridal shower. Because we’re all friends now.

Jenny’s Bridal Shower is at BFF’s Alice’s house, and it gets interrupted by Brian’s good news that the Regional VP made it out of Denver and loved all of Jenny’s food, and they got an order.

Harry calls Brian, wants to ask Casey to the wedding. What are we, in 8th grade? Apparently we are, because Brian is going to text Harry Casey’s number.

Brian hires Tommy/Tony’s friend to help with the deliveries and the handyman stuff that Brian is crap at. And we also find out that Casey likes Harry, and she’s going to be his date for the wedding. Jenny is all heart-eyed emoji over her friend and Brian’s friend getting together.

Delivery guy’s van just broke down en route to delivery all the food. The van engine is artfully smoking, and he has no cell service and Brian is freaking out and the deliveries are in jeopardy and Jenny is wearing way too much lip gloss right now for this moment. She also seems really upset that Brian won’t help her plan the wedding, and honestly, Jenny, get your head out of your butt. Because of the issue with the delivery guy, they’ve lost the account.

Brian says they should postpone the wedding to pay Meg her $100K. I don’t know why Meg has to be paid right away. Seriously, you can wait your turn, right, Meg? But Jenny doesn’t want to wait to be Brian’s wife.

Brian’s dad calls (on speaker again) and invites them for lunch in the city. He guilts Brian into accepting, so of they go to NYC – nice arial shot of Central Park! But Brian’s dad is like, I paid all this money for your education and you’re an innkeeper now? I have no patience with this guy, and it’s an uncomfortable lunch.

Meg is calling. WHY does she need an answer right now? Just because of plot? Seriously, Meg, go get a massage or something and calm down. She’s heading back to the Inn for the weekend, and Brian and Jenny don’t know what to do about her $100K. They don’t have a plan but Jenny is super optimistic – “We’ll figure it out.” Brian also says that if they have to sell the house, they can live in the finished gazebo with the goats. (They could also take their share of the house sale and buy another house. Just saying.) all-4They they sit sadly in their rocking swing and look at the sunset.

Meg arrives and hates goats again. Meg’s hair is still too tight. She’s not impressed that Brian and Jenny fell in love, and she’s so anti-people, she hates on their creaky stairs.

Brian goes to Tommy/Tony and says they will have to sell the house. This relationship is actually totally adorbs.

Ed Asner again! She tells him they might lose the house. He slowly says he’s sad about that.

Meg and the real estate agent are walking around the property. He calls her out on not liking people. But he also gives her some heart-eye emoji face, too. And we just found out his name is Andy. He’s invited to the wedding, and tells Meg she should be nicer to Jenny in the most genial way possible. Real Estate Andy! We like you! We don’t like you with Meg until she gets her magic Inn ‘change’ or whatever happens in this movie.

More reminiscences about Movie 1 and Movie 2. They’re so much in love, and they may lose the house, but it’s the memories that are important.

What is this? Meg is in yoga pants and a pony tail and she’s saying hi to the goats? The Inn magic is happening this fast? She’s kind of in awe of how nice Jenny is, and she’s jealous of how happy Brian and Jenny are. (They keep telling each other and everyone they meet how much in love they are YET they are still sleeping in separate rooms.) Next scene her hair is down with a headband. She’s thawing about the idea of selling. I told you!

Jenny comes in to Meg’s room and tries to be all BFF and Meg does that thing where she’s listening but looking at her computer because she hates talking to people and she’s weirded out by Jenny and her sleeve-ridden emotions.

Jenny’s trying on her wedding shoes, and they are WAY too tall and pointy for an outdoor wedding. Brian’s dad is also coming a week early and wants to stay at the Inn. And Meg is there. Dad is being super judgmental about everything, but then Jenny shows up in his room with towels and asks her how reach his son. Nothing like putting her on the spot, Dad! But of course her brand of Jenny-ness makes things all better. Because Brian is now all sorts of emo about his Dad being there, and she’s glad she’s prepared prosciutto-wrapped melon.

Jenny still has way too much eye make up on, and Meg’s hair is half-up and half-down and she has stated that she’s puzzled by Jenny-ness, but she doesn’t mind it. Brian and Dad have a heart-to-heart in the barn. Brian is so in love with both Jenny and the goats – but Dad’s allergic.

Next scene is Meg and Realtor Andy, and he calls it that Meg is better without her hair being too tight. Meg and Realtor Andy have a moment.

Jenny is upset because there might be a buyer for the house, and she’s crying during her dress fitting appointment. And Casey just said “The Beautiful Bride is going to be a Very Good Wife” and I have no respect for Casey Anymore. Ugh. Brian and Tommy/Tony are painting the gazebo, and trying not to give the evil eye to the suit who came to view the property. He’s in the house, and Meg is there, and Realtor Andy, and Suit insults the precious plumbing that Brian fixed way back in Movie 1. Suit made an offer though

all-5Younger Son just appeared after playing video games in the basement and has asked about Sassy Friends again. He’s disappointed that there’s no Sassy Friend in this movie, because despite 2 Harry scenes, they were both done while they were on the phone with each other, so Brian and Harry never had a scene together. Guess Harry was too busy or something.

Tommy/Tony, Alice, Ed Asner, and Casey have a town meeting and they’re raising money, It’s a Wonderful Life-style. Everyone has to make a speech before putting their checks into a box. But then they all show up at the Inn (btw, it’s the day before the wedding) to give them $32,000, which could be used as a down-payment for what they owe Meg, and she’s totes fine with accepting that $32K and letting Brian and Jenny stay in the Inn.

Wedding Day! For all the invites that Jenny gave out, there aren’t that many chairs set out in front of the gazebo.

Brian is wearing a very ugly bow tie. But he and his dad have a very nice moment, so good on them. Meg zips Jenny up and loans her some diamond sapphire drop earrings. Meg’s hair is on point, and she’s going to quit her job and open up her own accounting firm in Bucks County. Yay Family!

all-3WHAT KIND OF MAID OF HONOR DRESS IS CASEY WEARING? It looks like a blue doily.

all-2Ed Asner walks Jenny down the aisle, and Tommy/Tony is like 2 feet taller than Brian, and he can’t even fit in the frame when the camera pans to Brian in the gazebo. The wedding jumps right into the vows, no first speech or anything. Everyone is crying. I think Kay or Zales sponsored the wedding because there were some closeups of the rings. Brian jumps into the kiss before he’s allowed to by the minister, but no one cares. Everyone is happy, and she’s not sinking into the dirt in her way too tall shoes.

Reception time – Tommy/Tony gives a speech. For a second I thought he’d pull one of those Reddit threads and propose to the Bitchy Blogger, but he didn’t do it.

This cake looks nothing like it was described when she went all Type A on the baker.

They cut the cake, and Casey catches the bouquet, and there’s a dance on a dance floor outside in the sunset, and it actually looks like a nice wedding and no one thought to put up a tent just in case it rains, so they were just really trusting to Mother Nature, weren’t they? AND THE END.

Ok. So as trilogies go, this one was cute. It got less annoying as it went on, anyway. There was also less about baked goods in this one, which is good for my diet, because all I wanted after Movie 2 was banana bread and scones. I will say I didn’t eat banana bread or scones, but I really, really wanted to. There was a lot less angst and a lot more “I love you so much” in this that I feel the need to go watch something on Investigation Discovery as a palette cleanser. However, I hope you get a chance to visit with Brian and Jenny…or not. I already did, just so you don’t have to.



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