#3 – The Spirit of Christmas

The holiday season on tv is just the gift that keeps giving. Especially if you are able to watch them wherever you want to – like on the Hallmark app…which is just a fantastic way to have a metaphoric cozy blanket wrapped around you for 112 minutes at a time.
Today’s installment is 2015’s The Spirit of Christmas, starring some people I’ve never seen before or since, but she rocks some great hair throughout.
the spirit of christmas
Kate is a hard-working, no nonsense, no time for love lawyer from Boston. She wants to be able to love, but has no one to show her how (poor girl).
She has to go up to some place snow-covered to sell an Inn because plot.
The Inn is haunted by hottie ghost Daniel (who when he spoke fast sounded Irish so I had to look him up and apparently he’s from Quebec and English is not his first language and he is now on the show The Black List).
Hottie Daniel Ghost (HDG) used to own the Inn and was killed on Christmas Eve in like, Edwardian Era clothing.  He comes back from the ether for the 12 days before Christmas to live in the Inn. Then he returns to the ether on Christmas Day.
Kate has a mission to get the Inn appraised, to get is sold because she works for some thing that is “corporate” but is never explained, but wants to help HDG. After a few curmudgeonly encounters, HDG agrees to let her help him move on.
  • Bonding over Christmas Tree. Check.
  • Saves her from being frightened. Check (apparently there is also another ghost in the Inn).
  • Gratuitous ogling of HDG while he irons his shirt. Check.  (apparently for these 12 days he’s corporeal.)
  • Finding out more of the truth leads to fight that leads to heartfelt apology. Check.
  • She leaves and promises to come back. Check.
  • There’s a Christmas Eve dance at the Inn. Of course there is. Why aren’t these people celebrating with their families? Check.
  • They find out who the other spirit is. Check.
  • She says she’ll take 12 days a year instead of nothing and he says she deserves more. Check.
  • Miracle of Miracles, he’s allowed to stay on earth as a reborn human because God? Science? Wishful Thinking? Plot?
  • Kiss in the snow. Check.
And scene.

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